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Best Investment assists Australians to invest in the US property market.
The process is much easier than you might think, and with the potential of great rental returns and the further possibility of much better than Australian property price increases.
In the wake of the global financial crisis many properties across the United States became vacant. Ownership fell to the banks who had a mortgage over these properties. As the banks were not in the business of being property managers they elected to sell these properties at whatever price the market was willing to offer. Good properties became available for a fraction of their original price.
Many of the  Managed Funds who needed to vacate these properties needed to find alternative accommodation, and while those individuals could not afford to pay a mortgage, nor were banks willing to extend credit in the same way, they were in a position to rent. The result was that rental demand only dropped slightly, and rental values stayed reasonably strong. Rental returns in many cities across the US are now sitting on around 8-15%, compared to 3-5% for properties in major Australian cities.